The Capri limestone is characterized by its white colour and uniform background, being considered one of the most important light beige-whitish Spanish limestone. This limestone is highly recommended for exterior projects such as cladding as well as coverings. It is also quite common to find applications of the Capri limestone on fireplaces, bathroom design (shower trays and basins), columns and ballusters, fountains and other applications with considerable thickness.

But due to its soft nature, the Capri limestone is not recommended for exterior flooring with moderate to high utilization. This is one of the main constraints of this limestone that otherwise do an amazing work in terms of cladding, coverings and stonework projects. The Capri limestone is also a great limestone to be combined with darker natural stones.

If you have any questions about the most recommended uses or applications for the Capri limestone, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below you can find some applications of the Capri limestone in different situations.

Capri limestone coverings


Capri limestone cladding


Capri limestone masonry


Capri limestone fireplace


Capri limestone bath design

Bath design

Pool borders

Swimming Pool