Possible Finishings

Capri limestone polished


This is the type of finishing presents some shine and highlights the white colour. The surface is very shiny and smooth, presenting a pleasant look. Mostly used on interior flooring.

Capri limestone bush-hammered


Finishing with a corrugated appearance, making its surface very uniform. Its surface is characterized by its salience and roughness, which is highly recommended for exterior flooring.

Capri limestone sandblasted + brushed

Sandblasted + brushed

This type of finishing has a medium corrugated appearance, making the white colour of the limestone quite uniform. Its surface is characterized by its salience. Mostly used outdoors.

Capri limestone sandblasted


Finishing with a thin corrugated appearance, making the background extremely uniform. Its surface is characterized by its thin salience and roughness. It is used on exterior cladding.

Capri limestone honed


This type of finishing is plain and does not show any shine. It also shows a more discreet contrast between the white background and its darker spots. Number 1 finishing used in cladding.