The Capri is a light beige / whitish coloured limestone, with fine to medium grain and uniform background. It presents disperse small spots with a darker brown colour. Its main variations depend on the background colour that can be lighter or darker, as well as grain that can vary from fine to medium mostly.

In terms of hardness, it is considered a soft natural stone that is essentially used on exterior cladding projects or interior use.

  • Capri limestone

  • Capri limestone tile

  • Capri limestone slabs

Extraction area

The Capri limestone has been originally explored around the town of Cabra, located in the province of Cordoba (Andaluzia region). But it is today mainly explored around the town of Zarcilla de Ramos, which is located in the region of Murcia – southeast of Spain.

Zarcilla de Ramos is located at about 100 kilometers west of Murcia and about 480 kilometers southeast of the Spanish capital Madrid. It lies at the eastern end of the Betica Mountain Range (Cordillera Betica in Spanish), close to the border with Almeria province.