How to choose Capri limestone from Spain

The Capri limestone or Caliza Capri is a fantastic white limestone from Spain, perhaps the most famous and on-demand limestone from Spain. It is a fine to medium grain limestone with a light beige-whitish colour and a uniform background. The Capri limestone can contain small dispersed spots with a darker brown colour. The Capri is a reference white limestone from Spain that has achieved a considerable market demand in both Spanish and international channels.

Capri limestone – First

Top selection, the Capri limestone First grade is the best you can find. It shows a very uniform background, colour and relatively fine grain. It also accepts well different surface finishings such as polished, honed, and many others. This type of Capri does a great work due to its uniformity and looks.


Capri limestone –┬áCommercial

For those looking for price, the Commercial selection is an option. This selection presents quite some colour tone variation, shaded areas and occasional veins and inclusions. If polished or honed, it will show all these variations quite well. However, if the surface finishing is sandblasted or bush-hammered, it will be very uniform and plain.


If you are looking for more information about this unique white limestone from Spain, please visit the corporate website of Bemarsa.